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Solanas Blockchain

Solanas Blockchain

The Orcs

Total supply: 8888

Sale: TBA, 2022
About The Orcs Project
THE ORCS is a collection of 8888 unique hand-drawn Orcs with 500+ attributes living on Solana Blockchain.

Each artwork is original, highly detailed, and carries a piece of our own artist. Our artist is obsessed with fantasy-themed
ideas and his imagination simply exceeds any praise.

Each Orc is unique and holding one or more grants you access to many privileges and rewards.

They getting ready to conquer the Earth. Will they succeed?

Degen Frog Republic

Total supply: 10,012

Sale: TBA, 2022
About Degen Frog Republic Project

Degen Frog Republic is a prestigious collection of 10,000 ultra realistic and unique NFT’s swimming on the Solana blockchain. Our Republic has been founded on the belief that we are all Frogs. All Frogs are dope, but some are rarer than others. Each Frog is a unique 3D Artwork that has been algorithmically generated on the basis of 100+ traits. Your Degen Frog can serve as your digital identity, and open doors for you in the Metaverse. We are building the Degen Frog Republic not just for you, but also with you.

We noticed over the course of the last couple of months that NFT’s on Solana experienced rapid growth. However, in terms of Decentralized Finance, we have not seen ultra-successful Dapps launching on the Solana Blockchain yet.

Our aim is to use the lightning speed of Solana to build a fast reliable DeFi protocol with integrated functionalities for your Degen Frog NFT on the fastest chain out there. We firmly believe that 2020 belonged to DeFi, 2021 to NFT’s and 2022 will be about the merger of these two cutting-edge technologies.