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Forest Of The Apes

Total Supply: 10000

March 13, 2022
About Forest Of The Apes Project
An unexpected evolution changed everything. In the maze of deep forest, the Apes’ neocortex suddenly multiplied in size, and they started to organize into communities, formed armies, and developed advanced technology to defeat Punks’ autarchy.

Bapes Official

Total Supply: 8888

March 12, 2022
About Bapes Official Project
We are a 3D fully rendered 8k resolution NFT collection of 8,888. Our inspiration comes from the late 80’s and early 90’s street fashion styles, with also mixing in some current high end fashion styles.


Total Supply: 10101

March 25, 2022
About MeetBOB Project
BOB’s a massive movie fan. He loves superheroes, villains, cult icons and he’d love to be them. One night BOB falls into a sleep so deep, all his fantasies merge into one big dream! Shifting from one character to another he feels he’s living the dream! Will he wake up in one piece? Or a mash-up of his fantasies? 2,222 versions of BOB’s dreams, 50 of which will be complete rare sets, will be minted into the Ethereum blockchain. Which BOB will wakeup on your screen?

World of Golem

Total Supply: 10000

March 15, 2022
About World of Golem Project
World of Golem is P2E game in Metaverse. World of Golem is a collection of 10,000 fully On-Chain generated NFTs that exist on the Ethereum Blockchain. They have +250 billions possible combinations and a variety of character colors, wings, background colors, layers, hairs, hats, glasses and eyes.

Bored Cat NFT

Total Supply: 8842

March 22, 2022
About Bored Cat NFT Project
Bored Cat is a historic collection of 8842 NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. This is the first 3D PFP NFT collection that ever went into Space. You can find out more about the Bored Cat Team below, our vision and roadmap for this NFT. Today we’re stepping it up a notch in the NFT sphere. As we move closer to launch this website will evolve.Bored Cat went from an idea to reality, join us and get a piece of history.

The Oceanos

Total Supply: 3335

March 14, 2022
About The Oceanos Project
The Oceanos are the protectors of the Seven Seas. For hundreds of years, they’ve been responsible for the protection of an ecosystem that is essential for the survival of human existence: the oceans, the lungs of our planet.

Lost Socks

Total Supply: 5000

March 13, 2022
About Lost Socks Project
If you’ve ever wondered where your favorite Lost Sock has gone, it’s likely in Sock World. The Laundry God and the Great Darning took them all! These socks have re-emerged in the metaverse and come together to play.

Dope Ape Drip Society

Total Supply: 5555

March 13, 2022
About Dope Ape Drip Society Project
D.A.D.S is a collection of Dope Ape NFT’s- unique digital collectables all residing on the Ethereum Blockchain. Your Dope Ape will serve as your official membership into the Drippywood community and use of special members-only benefits. Join D.A.D.S in our journey to create an amazing community passionate about being the flyest apes in the metaverse.

RoboChefs Club

Total Supply: 3333

March 14, 2022
About RoboChefs Club Project
From Planet Robo to Earth… RoboChefs Club is a community-driven collection of 3,333 unique and randomly generated NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. Our goal is to build the first and biggest community of foodies and chefs in the Metaverse.

Puppy Park Adventure

Total Supply: 5000

March 09, 2022
About Puppy Park Adventure Project
Join Puppy Park Adventure by minting one or more out of 5,000 NFTs.
You will be able to breed, build, trade, and play. You can also rent or lend out your NFT to someone else for passive income.