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Divaz Punkz FREE MINT

Total Supply: 4444

March 15, 2022
About Cool Cats Solana NFTs Project
Divaz Punkz (From the creators of Hollywood Punkz) is an empire of 4444 high society, brilliant, trailblazing and talented Hollywood female punkz claiming the streets of Hollywood in their pristine attire and goddess demeanor. Every character is molded precisely to replicate Hollywood’s finest actresses. These cosmopolitan characters obtain exclusivity with incredible elegance, crowns, jewels and so much more. They will supersede in solana studios, media outlets, and red carpet events.
Divaz Punkz envision to create a strategy based Play-to-Earn metagame where these NFTs will be able to interact. Each Mega Star NFT will possess unique attributes and skills and are represented as character.This NFT collection brings utility and benefits to holders as described in our Website. Proceeds from the NFT launch will be used to crowdfund for the game, marketing and operational needs.
Throughout the gameplay, Divaz Punkz will be rewarded when players complete missions. As players progress in the game and reach a certain level, more challenging missions will be released and blueprints will be awarded upon completion of these missions.
$OSCAR will serve as the native in-game currency with Divaz Punkz. These tokens can be used for in-game purchases such as features and upgrades.
We are building Divaz Punkz in Solana to provide widespread game usage through minimal gas fees and transaction times. The utility token and all our upcoming NFTs will be built on the Solana blockchain.
Public Minting will occur on 15th Mars 2022 at 07:00 UTC FREE MINT.
Divaz Punkz can also be traded on secondary markets, with each transaction incurring a 10% royalty fee (70% of all the royalties collected will be airdropped to the holders every month). Divaz Punkz aim to be tradable on all major secondary market platforms. You can expect regular royalty distributions from all secondary marketplace sales. The goal? Create passive income for Divaz Punkz minters and holders for life.
We’re working hard to develop this project and community and introduce our full roadmap of features and releases to benefit original Divaz Punkz holders and those who join us from the secondary markets.
Start the first few steps in the launch of your first Hollywood Idol here.
This is the genesis of your bright future in the limelight.

Cool Cats Solana NFTs

Total Supply: 3333

March 30, 2022
About Cool Cats Solana NFTs Project
What are Cool Cats Solana NFTs?
Cool Cats Solana are a collection of programmatically random-generated NFTs on the Solana blockchain. The 1st generation consists of 3,333 randomly assembled Cats from over 300,000 total options. Cool Cats Solana have a variety of outfits, faces, and colors. Each Cool Cat consists of a unique body, hat, face, and outfit–the possibilities are virtually endless! All Cats are cool, but Cats with complete outfits are the coolest.
How cool is my cat?
Remember, all Cats are cool! Depending on what items your Cool Cat is made of, it may be worth different points than other Cool Cats. Common items, like a beanie or a hat, are worth fewer points than more rare items, like a computer head or an ape outfit. Each Cool Cat is worth between 3 and 10 points. Your Cool Cat’s points may have an effect during certain contests and raffles, and they’ll become more useful over time for breeding!
Why get a Cool Cat Solana?
Aside from participating in one the coolest curated, randomized NFT projects in the world–and getting a fantastic PFP–being a Cool Cat holder means you’ll actually help evolve and build the future of the Cool Cats Solana brand and ecosystem. We return 50% of all SOL raised to the our community through contests, raffles, etc., because we genuinely want Cool Cats to be a community-driven and owner-centric project. By getting a Cool Cat, you have a voice in the community and can help guide the direction of the program. We’ll be looking to you for input, to help determine specifics for future developments like breeding, next-generation Cool Cats Solana, the Cool Cats Solana app, and much more!
What makes our Discord Server Special?
If you mint a CCS (Cool Cat Solana) of any tier you stand a chance to win 10 SOL!! and the more CCS you own ,the greater your chances of wining, raffle will be drawn 24hrs after mint on this 10-solana-giveaway channel.
This shall be the CCS currency to be used in VIP ZONE. It can redeem for gifts and SOL!
It shall be the common ground for every CCS VIP members to actively chat in! You earn $C3-$C10 just by chatting inside this channel!
Every purchase of CCS NFT shall be entitled for a FREE SWAP.
Exchange the NEWLY MINTED CCS NFT with us in swap-central channel and we will issue you a BRAND NEW CCS NFT!
We will be the third party between both the Seller and Buyer, this will ensure 100% Transparency and assurance that every transactions shall be successful!
there shall be low service fee to engage the Escrow service.
In CCS community, we appreciate & recognised all members who grow with us together!
The progress in the levels, invites and total CCS nft owned shall be rewarded according to each tier level!
The rewards will be Gifts, $C,SOL or mixtures of these!
Everyone can purchase or reddem $C inside!
from time to time we will put some NFT available up for bidding, there shall be events which the proceeds shall be towards charity organisation! All members are also welcome to use the auction function to get the most value out of it!
We will be providing a safe and convenient exchanger service to all vip members!
This is our very own CCS market platform to cater for every VIP members to utilise! While waiting for other market platform to start, you can start yours right now!

You can check out the rarity score for each and every of your CCS NFT!
These are one of the many games offered in CCS! You can earn $C and even SOL!
This will be the place to display the mint count sales, mint count left, any events count down timer as well as any sales of the CCS nft sold recently!
Alright, how much?
Cool Cats Solana are priced at a flat rate (0.4 SOL), and remember: Blue Cat Skin is exclusive to Gen 1!
Future of Cool Cats Solana?
Cool Cats Solana are much more than an NFT art project. We’re building Cooltopia Solana, a gamified ecosystem built on interactivity and utility, community rewards and growth, collaboration with brands, and much more.
What about paper hands?
Our smart contract has an agreement that if you sell for below the mint, the current price floor, or a third party marketplace that isn’t the official Cool Cats Solana marketplace, you will pay a 55.5% “paper hand loser tax.”
Let’s take it a step further. What happens to that money collected due to the “paper hand loser tax”? Here’s where things get absolutely crazy, that Solana will go into a treasury wallet used to buy back the cheapest Cool Cat Solana NFTs listed on the market.
Now for the smoke and gun on why Cool Cats Solana is the shit, is because any Cool Cats Solana NFT bought from said treasury wallet will be burned! Gone forever, which leads us to Cool Cats Solana motto… “Commons will be rare.” Think about it, if the floor consists of mostly commons, and the floor is being bought back and burned, that will significantly decrease the supply of Cool Cats Solana NFTs while raising the value of them for holders.

Degen Frog Republic

Total supply: 10,012

Sale: TBA, 2022
About Degen Frog Republic Project

Degen Frog Republic is a prestigious collection of 10,000 ultra realistic and unique NFT’s swimming on the Solana blockchain. Our Republic has been founded on the belief that we are all Frogs. All Frogs are dope, but some are rarer than others. Each Frog is a unique 3D Artwork that has been algorithmically generated on the basis of 100+ traits. Your Degen Frog can serve as your digital identity, and open doors for you in the Metaverse. We are building the Degen Frog Republic not just for you, but also with you.

We noticed over the course of the last couple of months that NFT’s on Solana experienced rapid growth. However, in terms of Decentralized Finance, we have not seen ultra-successful Dapps launching on the Solana Blockchain yet.

Our aim is to use the lightning speed of Solana to build a fast reliable DeFi protocol with integrated functionalities for your Degen Frog NFT on the fastest chain out there. We firmly believe that 2020 belonged to DeFi, 2021 to NFT’s and 2022 will be about the merger of these two cutting-edge technologies.